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The perfect addition to any study routine, whether you are working with a tutor, or studying on your own.
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The concise outlines and clear concepts delivered beats hours of lectures and frustration, making tutorials less difficult! Achevas is great!
Sarah Poh ( NJC )
When I first heard about Achevas TV, I was very glad because I always had trouble remembering what was taught even though I had the notes. It is also my saving grace when I was doing my tutorials as it managed to help me remember the key points of each topic.
Bryan Lee ( JJC )
Very effective! Learning at my own pace.
Gavin ( JJC )
A perfect combination of Theory and Practice
Topical Video Lectures
Perfectly comprehensive, yet powerfully condensed. Developed using TOP™ Methodology and extensively field-tested by students. Always updated according to the latest MOE Syllabus.
Exam Question Solutions
Get instant clarification with videos that break it down, step by step. New questions added constantly!
Includes our highly popular
JC Maths TYS Video Solutions
(For O-LEVEL A-Maths TYS Video Solutions, click here.)
Achevas Workshops
Newly launched! Punchily informative workshops by Jack Ng. IRL.
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Because we firmly believe that education should be inclusive and that no one should be left behind, we’ve made it our priority to keep costs as low as possible. With your support, we will realise our dream of making quality education available to all.

This is why we created Achevas TV for our students, and for everyone [...]

—  Achevas Founder & Maths Coach, JACK NG
Placed on NUS Dean’s List every semester. First Class Honours and Masters, completed in 4.5 years instead of the usual 6. Accelerated Masters Program Alumnus and Book Prize Recipient. (More about Jack)
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