A Level JC H2 Math

JC2 H2 Math STATISTICS Crash Course 2021

A Level JC H2 Math Statistics Crash Course

Covering ALL Statistics topics

Classes conducted by Achevas Founder, Jack Ng
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Discrete Random Variables - E(X) • FREE ACCESS
Download: Theory Outline
Permutations & Combinations
2h 14min
2h 7min
Discrete Random Variables
1h 53min
Binomial Probability Distribution
1h 54min
Normal Probability Distribution
2h 10min
Sampling Theory
1h 56min
Hypothesis Testing
1h 56min
Correlation & Linear Regression
2h 02min

Our Tutor, Jack Ng (Founder of Achevas)

Jack holds a First Class Honours Degree from the National University of Singapore, completing his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in 4½ years instead of the usual 6 through the invitation-only Accelerated Masters Programme. A Book Prize recipient, Jack maintained a place on the Dean's List for the entirety of his academic career.

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