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Achevas H2 Pure Math Intensive Revision 2020

Missed out on Jack Ng's deep dive into Pure Math during the May Holidays? Great news – the videos of all 13 classes are now available by popular demand!
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Graphing Techniques - Analysis (I)
Graphs of rational functions, asymptotes, intersection of graphs etc.
Watch class held on 6 May 2020 (Wed), 4pm - 6pm
Graphing Techniques - Analysis (II), Graphing Techniques - Transformations
Continuation of previous Graphing Techniques class. Students are encouraged to attend both classes.
Watch class held on 8 May 2020 (Fri), 4pm - 6pm
Watch class held on 13 May 2020 (Wed), 10am - 12pm
Inequalities, Modulus Functions
Watch class held on 14 May 2020 (Thu), 10am - 12pm
Watch class held on 15 May 2020 (Fri), 10am - 12pm
Watch class held on 19 May 2020 (Tue), 10am - 12pm
Watch class held on 20 May 2020 (Wed), 10am - 12pm
Complex Numbers
Watch class held on 21 May 2020 (Thu), 10am - 12pm
Techniques and applications
Watch class held on 22 May 2020 (Fri), 10am - 12pm
Maclaurin's Series
Watch class held on 26 May 2020 (Tue), 10am - 12pm
Integration Techniques
Watch class held on 27 May 2020 (Wed), 10am - 12pm
Integration - Areas & Volumes
Watch class held on 28 May 2020 (Thu), 10am - 12pm
Differential Equations
Watch class held on 29 May 2020 (Fri), 10am - 12pm
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