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Schools' Exam Questions with Video Solutions

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School Exam Questions

Includes our highly popular TYS Video Solutions:

A-Level H2 Math TYS  O-LEVEL A-Math TYS

It saves us the hassle of having to flip through our thick lecture notes and helps us to consolidate the important parts of the chapter. The explanations in the videos are clear with good examples to help us grasp the concept.
Giggs (NYJC)
The quick concise outlines saved me considerable amount of time while revising for my common tests and the videos aided in my understanding of different topics!!! Access to outlines/videos of J1 topics was wonderful and helped to strengthen my weak foundation. Thanks!!
Seah Ying Lin (RJC)
Jack is a sincere and passionate teacher, which is evident in his delivery style and methodology.
Heng Li Ting, Jaslyn (ACJC)
Three thumbs-up!!!
Videos were clear and helpful a day before my Prelims, especially the Vectors & Complex Numbers portion!
Kyle Chong (RJC)
The videos are really helpful especially in helping me revise topics that I haven't looked at for quite a while.
Beth Chan (HCJC)
Achevas TV is an informative and interactive platform for students to recap concepts that were previously forgotten or overlooked :-)
Teo Jen Min (HCJC)
Notes are really useful and concise. A must-have when revising past Math topics. Learning Math has never been easier with the help of these notes and videos.
So Kai Jie (CJC)
One-stop access to all topical summaries, with some videos that offer deeper clarification for more complex topics/ideas. Handy for tutorials and revision.
Aileen Yan (HCJC)
Everything's pretty cool :-)
Wynonna Au (CJC)
The service is really good, the videos are very thorough and clarifies concepts and questions well. Now I am not worried even if I were to miss lecture in school because this service is so good!
Lai (RJC)
I am usually quite lost during my school lectures and tutorials (because I am a slow learner) but Achevas TV is so accessible and easy to use that it helped me a lot in my revision, and for that I am very grateful :-)
Athena Maniam (HCJC)
The concise outlines and clear concepts delivered beats hours of lectures and frustration, making tutorials less difficult! Achevas is great!
Sarah Poh (NJC)
I have finally understood Functions!!!
Achevas TV is a very organized and useful platform for gaining insights to the various math concepts. Through the videos as well as the solutions to given examples, my understanding of the use of formulas has deepened. (thumbs up for it)
Hannah Erh (SAJC)
For my CT this year, I wanted to revise one of the JC1 topics (Maclaurin's and Binomial Expansion) and decided to give Achevas TV a try. It was really useful because it was just like having a live tutor at home! :) I could also pause and replay the parts that I didn't understand, which helped me learn at a comfortable pace! :)
Kylie Leong (RJC)
I tend to forget things that I haven't practiced in a long time. When the school throws us questions from previous topics, I have to begin the arduous task of trying to recover what I learnt previously, especially if my foundation is weak. Achevas TV helps me accelerate my recovery for these parts topics and the succinct videos don't nore me when I try to re-learn or revise.
Sergul Toh (SAJC)
Basic concepts are very well explained such that it is easy to understand. Perfect for revision on the go, any time, anywhere.
Yeo Kit Han (JJC)
The videos are helpful for constant recap of concepts as they can be played back, allowing us to absorb at our own pace.
Jennifer Teo (RJC)
Brief, informative videos that were useful in supplementing my understanding of maths. Concise and to the point. THANK YOU.
Michelle Teo (ACJC)
Achevas TV has helped me so much! I don't listen during lectures and hand in tutorials late. Honestly, I never thought I'd be able to cope. With Achevas TV, it was so easy for me to catch up on my tutorials. The videos there are like 5 minute lectures that cover every important concept. Jack also shows us some of the useful tricks he uses to answer questions. I feel like I'm learning so much more!
Loraine Yong (IJC)
If you forget, you can find it on Achevas TV!
Sarah-Kei (RJC)
The videos are succinct and the concepts are clearly explained.
Olymphia Wong (HCJC)
The videos are very useful in revision of key concepts :)
Outlines can be accessed even when I'm outside - very nice :)
Celine Chan (CJC)
The explanations are very clear and the setting is very similar to that of usual lessons so it makes me feel as if I am actually learning in the classroom through the video. The topical outlines make it convenient for me to do quick revision.
Jennifer Teo (RJC)
It's convenient and super helpful! It's like having tuition anytime, anywhere!
Julia Chew (ACJC)
Achevas TV is a useful resource that I referred to when I missed lessons at Achevas or forgot concepts. And I could access it anywhere, even when I didn’t have my notes with me.
Charmain Koh (RJC)
The website makes learning Math really easy and resources are easily accessible! Videos lessons make learning even more interactive.
Swan Htet Ko Hein (JJC)
Achevas TV saved my life!
Jing Jie (NJC)
Achevas TV contains many videos which is effective in teaching math principles in a short time. The condensed notes are also useful for last minute revision.
Joshua Wong (RJC)
Achevas TV has offered immediate help when I needed it, especially when it is closer to exam period. The videos are concise and digestable.
Colette Wee Teng (RJC)
The videos are very helpful as they explain all concepts within the chapter. It aids in revision, and also in understanding new chapters. The videos are detailed, and explanations are short and clear. They are easy to understand and I use Achevas TV frequently.
Cheryl Tang (IJC)
Accessible, efficient and effective! A good tool for revision and preparation for exams.
Jessica Goh (RJC)
Very effective! Learning at my own pace.
Gavin (JJC)
Thank you for making Maths accessible and understandable!
Joyce Li (NYJC)
Achevas TV has helped me clarify my doubts at home at my own pace, as well as any last minute questions, which would not have been possible otherwise.
Ryan Kay Leong (RJC)
When I first heard about Achevas TV, I was very glad because I always had trouble remembering what was taught even though I had the notes. It is also my saving grace when I was doing my tutorials as it managed to help me remember the key points of each topic.
Bryan Lee (JJC)

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