Our Story

One of the most daunting things about learning H2 Math is grappling with the sheer information overload.

Here’s a thought — what if everything can be deconstructed and laid out in a way that actually makes sense? And since everyone’s learning style is different, what if you could choose to go at a pace that’s exactly right for you?

It all began with our dream to make something good. Something that could help anyone in the world learn better, no matter where they were. And so, we started to think about how we could reach beyond the physical boundaries of a classroom.

We needed to build a platform powerful enough to teach an information-dense subject like H2 Math from scratch. A system that was complete enough to cover the whole syllabus from start to finish.

To make it happen, we worked around the clock scripting, filming and editing video lectures that worked perfectly with the accompanying topical outlines to show the logical flow of concepts and their real-life applications. We also included step-by-step video solutions of questions, using these to develop and crystallize important ideas. Our goal was twofold: to streamline the process of knowledge acquisition and maximize information retention.

People asked, “since you’re already conducting regular weekly tuition classes, wouldn’t it be easier to just record them and use that footage instead?” Well, that won’t cut it, because we have to deliver our content in a way that allows information and ideas to be communicated effectively through a screen. Cutting corners always lowers quality, and that’s something we just can’t stand behind.

Our friends and family thought we were insane for putting all our painstakingly created content online, and making it available for free. But here’s the crazy thing: when you start sharing your knowledge with others, you yourself begin an invaluable journey of learning — in our case, we began to understand more about our students and their needs, and we discovered how we could teach better. We learned how our content could be refined, and how its delivery could be improved. And believe it or not, we’re still learning today.

Because we firmly believe that education should be inclusive and that no one should be left behind, we’ve made it our priority to keep costs as low as possible. With your support, we will realize our dream of making quality education available to all.

Jack Ng
(Achevas Founder & Math Teacher)