A major problem students face with A-Level Math is sheer information overload. But — what if every concept could be learnt at your own pace and revisited whenever you wanted? And, what if each question could be explained step-by-step, as many times as you needed?

At Achevas, we care deeply about education. So when we started to think about pushing beyond the physical boundaries of a classroom, there was only one requirement we needed to meet: whatever content that we put out there had to truly teach.

People ask us, “why don’t you just record your regular classroom sessions and upload them?”

Well, we wanted to build a platform that enabled anybody to learn an entire subject from scratch. A system that helped anyone internalise concepts and their real-life applications through carefully designed practice questions. We wanted everybody to be able to recap and revise, anytime and anywhere they needed.

To achieve this, we knew our content had to be optimised in a way that allowed us to convey information and ideas effectively through the screen of a computer or mobile device.

We worked around the clock scripting, filming and editing micro-lectures that work perfectly with accompanying topical outlines to show the logical flow of concepts. Our goal was to streamline the process of conceptual understanding, and through that, improve knowledge acquisition and retention.

Our friends and family thought we’d gone mad when we made our content freely accessible by putting all of it online. But here’s the crazy thing: when you start sharing your knowledge with others, you yourself begin an invaluable journey of learning — in our case, we began to understand more about our students and their needs, and we discovered how we could teach better. We learned how our content could be refined, and how its delivery could be improved. And believe it or not, we’re still learning today.

Because we firmly believe that education should be inclusive and that no one should be left behind, we’ve made it our priority to keep costs as low as possible. With your support, we will realise our dream of making quality education available to all.

This is why we created Achevas TV for our students, and for everyone.

Jack Ng
(Achevas Founder & Math Teacher)